WordPress Optimization

I provide WordPress-related service for self-hosted sites and hosted sites.

  • Scripts/CSS minification, async load, modular bundles and critical CSS preload
  • Images and assets CDN support:
    • Jetpack CDN with edge nodes in China (powered by Experiments by Sparanoid)
    • AWS CloudFront CDN support with China CDN acceleration
    • Object Storage configuration: store all media files on object storage service like AWS S3, Google Cloud Storage, or S3-compatible services. You can also remove all media files locally to keep your WordPress installation small and clean.
  • Cache optimizations:
    • Database query and cache optimization. Dedicated and database clusters supported
    • PHP-FPM parameter optimization
    • PHP APC/APCu cache optimization with Batcache
    • Nginx cache and configuration optimization
  • Special optimizations for servers in China:
    • Make sharing service like auto-post to Twitter, Tumblr work for servers in China
    • Access blocked (but legal) services in China: Reddit embeds, Twitter embeds, Jetpack proxy and stats servers.
  • Improved connectivity for users/visitors in China:
    • Jetpack connectivity: proxying Comments, Stats, and etc. to make them accessible in China mainland
    • CDN with extra edge nodes in China mainland

With all the optimizations, I can achieve TTFB (Time to First Byte) under 40 ms for dynamic pages. 30 ms for static pages (WP Super Cache or W3 Total Cache with static caching configured).

WordPress Development

  • Theme design:
    • Responsive and mobile-first design based on Automattic _s frameworks
    • You can request zero-dependencies feature for the best front-end performance
    • Custom infinite loading support with proper URL history push and fixed page footer configured
    • FontAwesome Pro license for extended customization
    • SPA with GraphQL / REST API support
    • AMP Setup
  • Plugin/feature development:
    • Custom features based on requirements. Can be delivered as plugin or functions.php right in your theme

Please note that I do not accept any theme modification request for existing themes: most themes you bought from ThemeForest or other platforms are bloated and slow because they’re tending to make their themes fitting every use cases in order to get more sales. I mean, most of them just suck.

WordPress DevOps

  • Setup consulting: help you choose the right hardware, architecture, and servers based on your need
  • Dockerize existing WordPress instance for better scalability
  • Manage Presslabs Kubernetes on Google Cloud Platform for large-scale WordPress instances
  • Full-site backup configurations
    • Off-site backup to AWS S3, S3-compatible services, Dropbox, OneDrive for Business, SFTP, etc.)
    • Real-time snapshot backups configuration for VaultPress with extra SOCKS5 tunnel for servers in China to accelerate the backup transfer
  • Managing WordPress core, plugin, and theme updates
  • Plugins/features consulting: help you choose the right plugins for your feature requirement
  • SSL/HTTP certificates maintenance and optimization


Price is based on quotes. Minimum $3,000 per project. I can provide custom SLA and contract billing (from a US-based company I own) for enterprise service.

I can also provide VAT-specific Fapiao if you have a company in China mainland that requires Fapiao for providing service.

Contact: [email protected]


  • OpenBayes
  • LeanCloud
  • Mobike (摩拜单车)
  • Shunwei Capital (顺为资本)
  • Google Developers
  • Tesla
  • Hyper.AI (超神经)
  • Brightview Group
  • Delicious