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Apple AirPods Pro vs Sony WH-1000XM4 vs Samsung Galaxy Buds+


Apple AirPods Pro


  • 优质的 ANC(主动降噪)效果,主管感受上基本打平 Sony
  • 无敌的 Transparency Mode,在目前所有的 TWS 中是最强的,穿透进来的环境声音不强不弱,大部分情况下确实可以达到「transparent」的水准
  • 小巧便携,放进裤兜里即可
  • 与 Apple 设备高度集成,体验流畅


  • 续航短,开启 ANC 基本就 3 个小时左右,只适用于国内航班
  • 不支持多设备同时在线(类似蓝牙 Multipoint 的特性)
  • 低频表现一般

Sony WH-1000XM4


  • 手感、做工不错
  • 超长续航,开启 ANC 也可以有 30 小时的续航,轻松应对国际航班/一整天的工作环境
  • 双设备同时在线
  • 可以 3.5 mm 有线连接



  • 虽然支持超长续航,但没有无线充电或 Qi 充电
  • 支持双设备同时在线,但仅支持双设备,不支持更多设备,也不支持多设备快速切换。并且开启双设备同时在线后,无法开启 LDAC,这点很重要,没有 LDAC 的 1000XM4 音质真的只能用渣来形容,然而这一点几乎所有的 KOL 、测评都不会提及
  • 用 3.5 mm 有线连接后,如果这时候你拔出接头,耳机会执行一次关机,不知道这样设计的逻辑是什么?导致我每次关机后都需要再手动开机然后蓝牙配对
  • 耳机上执行上划/下划切换音量时并没有绑定系统音量。也就是说这个切换不会同步设备中的系统音量


  • 佩戴不舒适,真不知道是不是索尼在国内的水军太多了,还是我的头部构造离谱。我佩戴超过 2 小时后必头疼,夹耳朵,无论怎样调整都夹耳朵
  • 环境音模式(类似 AirPods Pro 的 Transparency Mode)效果很一般,开启低等级听不清人声,开启高等级后底噪高的离谱。可能全封闭式耳机想要达到入耳式耳塞的「透明模式」的效果确实更难一些

Samsung Galaxy Buds+



  • 价格便宜
  • 续航略优于 AIrPods Pro
  • 但在 Galaxy Wearable 中,可以调出「超高环境音量」模式,可以将环境音以高于正常的音量传入耳朵。很有意思,感觉像带了耳返


  • 没有 LDAC
  • 由于它造型的原因,无法或较难单手打开电池仓
  • 与 1000XM4 一样操作音量时不会绑定系统音量,不过这个默认是关闭的,在「实验室功能」里

macOS Bug: Connecting to another Mac via SMB protocol results in client hanging indefinitely at shutdown or restart

How to force SMB2, which actually doesn’t work for me:

10.14.3 – SMB3 Performance Issues – Force SMB2

Related discussion on Apple Communities

Computers Won’t Shut Down After Connecting To Server

Bug reports on Apple Radar:

How to submit sysdiagnose:

  • Command + Option + Shift+ Control + Period (.)
  • Or in Terminal: sudo sysdiagnose

Note: The sysdiagnose process can take 10 minutes to complete. Once finished, the folder /private/var/tmp/ should appear automatically in the Finder and the sysdiagnose file there will look similar to this:


View active SMB connection status:

smbutil statshares -a

How to Report Disputed Apps in App Store

There’re many fake / disputed / copycat apps made by Chinese in iTunes App Store, here’s how to report these shit to Apple:

First, open iTunes Content Dispute to start dispute process. Enter some basic information and continue.

Then you can provide a link to the app from the App Store. Alternatively, you may use the search tab below to search for the app at issue. If there is more than one app you wish to dispute, for example I just searched “Screeny” and got the following result:

Then select them all and continue, you can get a dropdown to choose the nature of your dispute, and a text box for every app you can write details information about your dispute, here’s an example:


How to use Superdrive on any Macbook Pro

Adds mbasd=1 (MacBook Aire Super Drive) to /Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration/com.apple.Boot.plist as a kernal flag:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<!DOCTYPE plist PUBLIC "-//Apple//DTD PLIST 1.0//EN" "http://www.apple.com/DTDs/PropertyList-1.0.dtd">
<plist version="1.0">
    <key>Kernel Flags</key>

Or, use the following command in Termimal:

sudo nvram boot-args="mbasd=1"

Note that nvram may be reset for some core system update (you can also manually reset nvram), so I prefer the .plist method.

You are not Steve Jobs — Editors’ Picks — Medium

A young CEO storms through his start-up, a tiny Godzilla, crushing the feelings of his staff like so many Japanese paper maché buildings. He rubs his forehead in meetings and loudly ponders why no one is as smart as he is. No ideas are to be considered for the product unless he initiated them. He is trying his damnedest to be just like his recently departed hero — Mr. Steve Jobs.

via You are not Steve Jobs — Editors' Picks — Medium.