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Storm SSH Alternative for fish Shell

It seems storm is no longer updated for years. So I found it’s actually really simple to implement Storm SSH’s searching feature via a simple function:

function sshgrep
  grep -i -E -C 3 $argv ~/.ssh/config.d/*


ssh grep ixion
/Users/sparanoid/.ssh/config.d/server-aws.conf-  Port 22
/Users/sparanoid/.ssh/config.d/server-aws.conf-  User ssh-user
/Users/sparanoid/.ssh/config.d/server-aws.conf:Host ixion
/Users/sparanoid/.ssh/config.d/signcl-aws.conf-  HostName
/Users/sparanoid/.ssh/config.d/server-aws.conf-  Port 22
/Users/sparanoid/.ssh/config.d/server-aws.conf-  User ssh-user

Migrate Homebrew from Intel Macs to Apple Silicon Macs

Dump all your existing Homebrew packages:

brew bundle dump

If you’re using custom shell installed by Homebrew (ie. fish), change it back to bash temporarily:

chsh -s /bin/bash

You may also need to change this in System Preferences – Users & Groups (right click on your avatar and choose Advanced Options…)

Uninstall existing Homebrew (and all its packages):

curl -fsSL -o /tmp/uninstall.sh https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Homebrew/install/HEAD/uninstall.sh
/bin/bash /tmp/uninstall.sh --path=/usr/local
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