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How to Report Disputed Apps in App Store

There’re many fake / disputed / copycat apps made by Chinese in iTunes App Store, here’s how to report these shit to Apple:

First, open iTunes Content Dispute to start dispute process. Enter some basic information and continue.

Then you can provide a link to the app from the App Store. Alternatively, you may use the search tab below to search for the app at issue. If there is more than one app you wish to dispute, for example I just searched “Screeny” and got the following result:

Then select them all and continue, you can get a dropdown to choose the nature of your dispute, and a text box for every app you can write details information about your dispute, here’s an example:


iTunes Store/Mac App Store 退款技巧



但是请您注意,根据 App Store 条款和条件的规定,所有项目一旦售出,本应无法退换。考虑到您此次的特殊情况,我特意为您申请破例,执行了本次退款,请恕这一例外未必适用于今后,敬请见谅。