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Microsoft 365 Excel Performance Hack for UHD Displays in Windows

If you have a large spreadsheet to edit (ie. 10k+ columns) with your UHD display (ie. 4K or higher resolution) in Microsoft 365 Excel you may have some performance issues when scrolling.

I just found an easy hack that works for me:

  1. Check Disable hardware graphics acceleration in Excel under File – Options – Advanced – Display section
  2. Exit Excel
  3. Change your display resolution to 1920×1080
  4. Change text scale to 100%
  5. Open the spreadsheet you need to edit with Excel
  6. Change your display resolution back to native resolution
  7. Change text scale back to your original option (ie. 200%)
  8. See magic happens

This hack works until you exit your Excel. So you have to redo step 3-8 when openning new documents.