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S/MIME for Apple Mail, The Right Way (DigiCert Version)

Install it on macOS:

  • Download cert bundle (.p7b) or individual certs (zipped) from DigiCert
  • Double click to install them on macOS Keychain Access

Install it on iOS:

  • Open Keychain Access, select category My Certificates
  • Right click and choose Export, select format .p12 (Make sure to export your cert into .p12, this will contain private key for iOS to send encrypted emails)
  • Email it with your individual certs (root CAs from DigiCert) and install them on iOS
  • Select this cert under email account settings

How to Report Disputed Apps in App Store

There’re many fake / disputed / copycat apps made by Chinese in iTunes App Store, here’s how to report these shit to Apple:

First, open iTunes Content Dispute to start dispute process. Enter some basic information and continue.

Then you can provide a link to the app from the App Store. Alternatively, you may use the search tab below to search for the app at issue. If there is more than one app you wish to dispute, for example I just searched “Screeny” and got the following result:

Then select them all and continue, you can get a dropdown to choose the nature of your dispute, and a text box for every app you can write details information about your dispute, here’s an example:


Configuring & Using Profile Manager 2 in OS X Mountain Lion Server | Krypted.com

Profile Manager first appeared in OS X Lion Server as the Apple-provided tool for managing Apple devices, including Mobile Device Management (MDM) for iOS based devices as well as Profile management for OS X based computers, including MacBooks, MacBook Airs, Mac Minis, Mac Pros and iMacs running Mac OS X 10.7 and up. In OS X Mountain Lion, Apple has added a number of new features to Profile Manager, most notably the ability to push certain types of apps to mobile devices.

via Configuring & Using Profile Manager 2 in OS X Mountain Lion Server | Krypted.com.

Sims Freeplay 时间 Hack

  • 关闭 Wifi
  • 大退程序,重新打开,出现无法链接服务器提示
  • 修改系统时间
  • 大退程序,重新打开,出现无法链接服务器提示
  • 开启 Wifi,返回主屏,切换到游戏,时间 hack 有几率生效(70% 几率)