Install Tsunami UDP on CentOS 7

Install dependencies:

$ yum install cvs git gcc automake autoconf libtool -y

Download Tsunami UDP:

$ cd /tmp
$ cvs -z3 -d:pserver:[email protected]:/cvsroot/tsunami-udp co -P tsunami-udp
$ cd tsunami-udp
$ ./
$ make install

Then on the server side:

$ tsunamid --port 46224 * # (Serves all files from current directory for copy)

On the client side:

$ tsunami connect <server_ip> get *

Transfer dataset back to S3:

aws s3 cp --recursive /mnt/bigephemeral s3://<your-new-bucket>/


  • Tsunami UDP transfers only files and doesn’t do directories/ subdirectories, we need to tar them all up as one single tar file (additional storage capacity needs to be taken into consideration).
  • Multi-threading is not supported.
  • Multi session not supported. Client supports only one connection to the server at a time. No parallel file transfer.
  • No resume or retry for file transfer.
  • Does not support Native encryption.